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Yes, people, it’s true. The Internet is the most useful tool available. Thanks to it we have an amazing source of information at reach. It’s like having the largest library in the world in the comfort of our homes. The network is the forbidden fruit. That fruit of wisdom which God forbade Adam and Eve to eat. Humans believe we can find everything in this network, and it’s true. Everything, absolutely everything, is on the Internet. That’s why you, lazyass, instead of working, studying or doing homework; are tucked in my blog reading the rantings of a poor girl who writes to feel better (painful, but it is news and I have to speak).


So what is the problem of the web? This major flaw (or blessing, to some) that creates the love-hate relationship that many have with the network. It’s simple, the problem is exactly that, everything is on the Internet.

In the network there are no secrets, no confusion, nothing remains hidden. Whether the information is on the web or the deep web, the fact remains that the information is still there for anyone to handle. And to find it, you just need to put the necesary words into a search engine and do a click or ask person clever enough to get that suposedly non existing information we may as well classify as “hidden”.

This means that whether you kill one person, you went up a mountain with your friends, you cheat on your wife, you went to a party, you secretly poisoned the neighbor’s cat, put a new picture on the wall of your room, you moved, or set christmas at home; people will know through the web. That is, your wife, your friends, uncles, cousins, nephews, godchildren, your parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers, boss, your coworkers, neighbors and even ants (yes, ants. You think you are alone. Completely forgetting about helpless animals found in kitchens and gardens, but no! They’re aliens and will wipe out the human race. Remember Invader Zim brothers born in the nineties!) will learn what you did in less than a month by simply having Facebook, Hi5, Twitter, Skype, MySpace or any computer with Internet access.

Imagine the following scene: arrive home, and decide to spend some leisure time on the computer. Turn it on happily, open a deep web browser (because you have a hacker complex and you think you’re best), then the first page that comes to you is a reliable source and tells your neighbor killed your mother in law. There are two types of reactions … Some will be shocked and others will host a party. However, the outcome of the second case is a bit more tragic: your husband/wife (who learned from Facebook you were hosting a party because of his/her mother’s murder) arrives home, throws a tanturm, demands the neighbor and kicks you out of the house for celebrating his/her mother’s death. Then you have to go to your parent’s place or wander the streets like a complete idiot.

At the end Internet ends up being a disgrace, not only for the sociopath who killed mother in law, but for you that will just be homeless, single and with no food (because of course, if your partner is the cook, he/she won’t cook anything for you).

Great, right?

So online no lie can survive, because no matter how minor… Whatever you do, will find a way to end uo in the network, either through the cloud, a social network or deep web.

So I recommend wholeheartedly to my readers not to hide theese things, or better yet, do not do them:

  • Don’t cheat on your partner: to see people, this is a touchy subject… Forget for a moment that your partner may suffer. Don’t you realize that it is a problem for yourself? In the case of boys, have to do the same tedious romantic movie (Twilight, for example) twice … Twice! And girls, do you really want to have to  watch every game of each sports season at least twice? Yes, it’s true … There are girls who like sports and although it bothers me, there are also guys who like Twilight … but who really would want to watch it the thirty times your partners want to watch it? On top of that, they’ll find out through Facebook or Twitter … Seriously, with social networks in place, it does not take a genius to know.
  • Go to a party in secret: see, there’s no way your mom, uncles, cousins, grandparents, family, boss, friends or ants will not know this… Everyone will know and the one who posted the photos to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will make sure to write something like #LunaWasntSupposedToBeHere. If your friends are at least half the “funny” that mine are, they will. Because my people, friendship without bullying is not friendship. Who says that his friends never made fun of him for three weeks because of some stupid thing, has no friends at all.
  • Kill the neighbor’s mother: I will not explain this, I just won’t. Do not kill, it’s for ants.
  • Secretly throw a party when your mom is not at home: This is the most important of all. Never host a party at your house in secret … That will come out in all social networks and, as I said before, with a tag that says #ForbidenPartyAtLunas. Don’t do it, if you do your mother will know, the ants will make fun of you and will end grounded as I did last week.


Good Night!

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A few days ago my Neighbor tried to hook me up with her son


In order for you to understand this issue, I have to clarify that I live in an apartment building and community life sucks. Yes, it sucks. Half of the people my age who live in this building is unbearable and the other half, I just don’t know them. Note that this boy belongs to the first half…

I guess I should clarify what I consider “unbearable”.

According to the dictionary:

Unbearable: 1 Not able to be borne or endured. Unbearable pain. 2 Intolerable.

According to me:

Unbearable: 1. Person who is said to impose his company against the will of the poor living thing has to stand him. In this case, the mother (my neighbor). 2 We understand it by that annoying person who spent years mistreating others and breaking things in both the hallways and garden of the common areas of the building. In this case, the child (and unfortunately also my neighbor).

Now, since I’ve known the boy it’s been pure and proud hate at first sight. He can’t stand me (I hope) and I can’t stand him. It’s simple, really. In addition, our aversion has never been a secret. We don’t talk, or greet eachother and we definitely don’t wait for the other while we’re in the elevator… we just leave. We are just like oil and water. A cat and a dog (and of course, I’m the cat).

Anyway, I left my house and went downstairs, and stood at the entrance of the building listening to music while waiting for my brother who was coming for me. Then from the building comes this fat lady that always carries this poor chihuahua puppy around (which, incidentally, must flee whenever she goes to sit down, because if she accidentally sits on the dog she kills it). I say good morning out of sheer courtesy, but I don’t even I take my headphones off.

I was not paying attention, but somehow I realized that she was talking to me. So, again out of courtesy, I remove a headphone to hear what he was saying. She was wondering if you had long since the last bus left, I answered no, that the bus had left ​​just two minutes before at most. I was going to return to my music, and wish I had, but I noticed that she was talking about and therefore didn’t put my headphone back. BIG mistake. She began to talk about her son.

As I said before, the whole building knows that that boy and I do not get along. So, before I tell you anymore I should tell you that this was a very one-sided conversation. I should clarify that I have no idea why the hell this lady came up with the idea of talking about the guy. People need to understand that when they start unwanted conversations, they risk ending up on the blog of a creative small (very small) girl like me. And they’ll most likely get mocked mercilessly as I’m doing right now.

Moral: do not impose your presence to anyone or endure the consequences.

I will not say which university he studies in because it doesn’t seem necessary. But I can tell you that the fat lady spent no less than twenty minutes talking about the guy. He wanted to study languages​​, but with his aplication he only managed philosophy. To be able to change, he had to spend X amount of time studying philosophy with I don’t remember what grades… I said I was studying Communications (In spanish, by the way… English isn’t my first language).

She told me that her son had finally managed to get those things, so she said to him “Thomas! This is your chance!” But the guy didn’t want to change because he had discovered that his passion was philosophy. She said he had enrolled in acting classes, he did theater … My response was also did​​.

That he was a good boy, who was helping in the house, she loved him very much … Honestly I was about to say “Well I don’t. So shut up!”.

And then came out of the building came an old lady that started talking to her about something else while including me in the conversation that, again, I didn’t want to be included in. Finally the bus arrived, and with it my brother. I told him what had happened and he told his girlfriend and since then we have the theory that fat lady wanted to hook me up with her son.

I’m afraid she might strike again, so I’ve been avoiding her.

In my house, the fat lady has become legend. Now we can’t see her without thinking of her famous phrase “Thomas! This is your chance!” And she’s obviously the victim of many jokes within the comfort of my home.

Do you understand why nobody should not engage in conversations with strangers?

Their a pain in the butt. And even if your on the other end of the conversation (hence, your the one who started it), then look at my profile picture. Do I look like a crazy maniac who would post an entry on a blog making fun of you? My mom says I don’t… But look at me, here I am. It doesn’t matter if the person has an angels face, there is always the possibility that that person is, like me, a troll.

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Good night.

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I’m not Spanish, I’ve never gone to Spain. But at home we spend our lives watching Antena3, La Tele and Euronews all day, every day (Yes, I speak spanish). Therefore, know what I mean when I say that there are some programs that are speaking about the Spanish nurse infected with Ebola, Teresa, I a way that I find incorrect and alarmist. Do not misunderstand me, I don’t think they should stop reporting. But I do feel that there are things that needn’t not be informed.

Again, I ask for your full understanding. I don’t think they should stop reporting, but things like if they’re going or not to sacrifice a dog doesn’t seem all that important to me. What was important was whether it may or may not be infected with the disease. I do not deem it necessary to keep the animal alive and risk the person or people who have to take care of the animal (and I say this with all due respect to animal right defenders, because I also think it’s necessary to protect animals from humans. But humans are also important on the planet.).

However, we know little about Ebola and I think that before taking a step to investigate if dogs can get infected or not isn’t the priority when we have a bunch of people in Africa dying while they wait for us to find a cure. After that, if we discover that animals can’t be infected, we could investigate the reason why they cant in order to improve the cure and/or vaccine that’s been already created. Meanwhile, we can not risk a human life for the sake of a dog, sorry.

Another thing that bothers me about the situation is that they’ve been asking the minister to resign.

Let’s see, we need to understand that she wasn’t who gave the course for people to learn how to wear the outfit. She wasn’t there telling Teresa to take the suit off in the wrong order. Those are things that just happen. It’s not the minister’s fault and it certainly is not Teresa’s fault. It’s called human error. It’s like when a child is learning to wipe after using the restroom, at first he will always do it wrong (believe me, I can tell).

The problem here starts when  Teresa and her companions don’t get quarantined after caring for a patient with Ebola. And then it gets worse when she gets to the hospital, presents the case and gets ignored (because that’s what they did, they ignored her)…

Why not put these people in quarantine?

I wish I knew.

Why did they chose to ignore Teresa?

I wish I knew.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t have repatriated a patient with Ebola. And having done so, I would have been much more careful. However, neither the lack of quarantine, or putting the dog to sleep let alone that they ignored Teresa plead to be tested for Ebola is the minister’s fault. Or well, I fail to see how a minister could have the power to take any of these decisions. The hospital, that’s a completely different story. This is their fault.

I do not see why anyone would come to blame Teresa for what’s happening. Think a little, do you really believe that someone (anyone) wants to get infected with Ebola? See, nobody, not even people who are sick to the head, would want to suffer such a death. It’s like deciding to die inside an iron maiden. Illogical.

Finally, I think the news should talk about it only when there is something to tell. Because listening to the same thing every day, does not only stress me, but many. They should talk every two or three days, no more.

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A few days ago I was cheking my twitter and saw a tweet that was… How should I describe it? Ah yes!

Stupid. (Yes, I just used the word stupid on the internet. Sue me.)

Turns out some idiot retweeted the comment and photo posted by… someone. The comment said “I’m moving to France” and if it had just been the comment, no one would criticize… But it turns out that the photo has three mr. steroids with the words Made in France written on her naked chests.

Following this tweet, an idea crossed my head, and I couldn’t help but laugh. When I was little, all my toys said Made in China, and it was not just my toys; the ventilator, phone, TV, computer monitor, TV controler, music player, my game consoles and their games … ALL that said Made in China.

I never said I wanted to go and live in China, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan or whatever my dolls said on thier ass (Although I’m pretty sure it was China…). The anime series are made in Japan and I don’t want to move to Japan. The actor who plays Thor, Chris Hemsworth, one of the most beautiful beings in the world, is Made in Australia and I can assure you that I will not move to Australia.

Ever. (For the curious, I don’t want to live in Australia because my skin is almost albino white and it gets practically insolated with the sunrise… Imagine if, with this color, I had the wonderful idea of ​​going to the beach… I’d get swallowed by a shark… beautiful end, right? “What happened to Luna?” “A shark swallowed her whole.”)

Leaving aside my aversion to the idea of becoming lunch for a white shark ten meters long (Who asid I was exaggerating?)… Just three guys in a photo, with the words Made in France in their chest are no reason to take such a decision. Think of an iPhone, for example. iPhones are Americans, but made in China …

My point is, who can actually assure me that these guys really are French? No one. For all we know this could be a plot, they could be plastic and have a nice mark on their butts that says Made in China.

Good night.

Luna von Schmilinsky

Norse Mythology



According to Norse mythology, in the beginning there was neither heaven or earth. There was a single infinite abyss full of mist within which rose a fountain and twelve river whose streams froze once moved away from the source. To the south, the world of light, whose warm winds melted the ice that was formed. Emanating from the seabers were born the giant Ymir and the cow Audhumla. Ymir fed on milk from Audhumla, who in turn, survived licking dew and salt from the ice.


One day while Audhumla ate, a man’s hair became visible through the ice. The next day came the head and on the third day, the rest of the body. This man, without father or mother, was called Bari and had a son (don’t ask me what’s the mother of said child. I don’t know.) called Bor. Bor took Bestla as his wife, she was the daughter of Ymir. Bestla and bor had three sons: Odin, Vili and Ve; three gods. The three gods killed Ymir and from his remains, created the world.

With his body, they made land. And with his blood, the sea. Of his bones mountains and made ​​his hair into trees. With his skull, they made the sky and clouds with his brain. Finally, with his eyebrows, they created Midgard and the rest of the kingdoms. Odin regulated day and night with the moon and the sun, who were chased by the wolves Hati and Scoll respectively. Thus, the universe was complete.


However, it seemed that this universe was missing something. For this reason, they created a man from an ash tree and called him Aske. Then, with an alder created the first woman and named her Embla. After creating the first two humans, the gods granted them certain gifts that his descendants would inherit later. Odin gave them life and a soul; Vili reason and understanding; Ve, finally, gave them feelings, expression and speech.

Aske and Embla were installed in Midgard and from them came all mankind.



Yggdrasil is perhaps the most important part of the Norse world, because it is the tree of the universe that is responsible for holding all it’s kingdoms. These are the eight kingdoms:

Asgard: is the realm of the Aesir, the main race of gods. This connected to the land of the humans through the Bifrost, also known as the rainbow bridge.

Vanaheim: is the realm of the Vanir, the secondary gods. These gods are generally engaged in fertility functions.

Alfheim: this is the realm of the light elves and is chaired by the god Freyr.

Midgard: is home to the men, and was created by the gods to protect Asgard from giants.

Nidavellir: the kingdom belonging to the dwarves. They forged a number of the weapons for the gods, Two examples are Gullinbursti, the golden Freyr’s boar and the Mjollnir hammer for Thor.

Jotunheim: this is the land of giants. Generally, they are enemies of the gods, but some of them have come to fall in love and have children with them.

Svartalfheim: realm of the dark elves or goblins, whom they are often confused with the dwarves.

Niflheim: The realm of the dead, ruled by the goddess Hel.


Among the Norse gods we have several quite famous examples. Some people know them for Marvel Comics and others from books or anime. Regardless of the reason that they are known, the fact is that some of those listed below are well-known figures in the general culture.

Odin: king of the Norse gods. He belongs to the Aesir and is primarily the god of war. However, he is also credited with death, poetry and wisdom. It is one of the recognized characters from Marvel comic “Thor” and is also referred to in the anime “Matantei Loki Ragnarok”.

Thor: God of Thunder and carrier Mjollnir. He is the eldest son of Odin and, therefore, also the heir to the throne of Asgard. He is the main character of the renowned Marvel comic “Thor” and appears as one of the characters of the anime “Matantei Loki Ragnarok” and the visual novel for PSP “Kamigami no Asobi”.

Balder: is a son of Odin. It is the god of light, beauty and innocence. In mythology it was not very powerful; however, in the visual novel for PSP “Kamigami no Asobi” he is also credited with destruction killing, that way, the character’s weakness.

Loki: the son of Laufey and Farbauti, giants, nevertheless he is also part of the Aesir and Odin’s foster brother. He is attributed the fire and deception. He is the main character of the anime “Matantei Loki Ragnarok” in which he is transformed into a child and banished from the kingdom of Asgard, in the Marvel comic “Thor” he is the adopted brother of Thor and in the visual novel “Kamigami no Asobi” he is the best friend of Thor and Balder.

Frigga: wife of Odin and goddess of love, marriage, fertility and motherhood. Appears in the comic “Thor” as the wife of Odin and mother of Thor.

Bragi: is a son of Odin and he is atributed with the poetry. He inspired bards and the runes were carved on his language. Although to my knowledge this God makes no appearance in any major external history to mythology, is important because it is the son of Odin and brother of Thor.

Idun: is the goddess of youth, who is married to Bragi. She is responsible for keeping a chest full of golden apples that give immortality to the Norse gods. These apples are the equivalent of the ambrosia to the Greek gods.

Heimdall: the god of light and sentinel of the gods. It is responsible for monitoring the Bifrost. Appears in the comic “Thor” and the anime “Matantei Loki Ragnarok”.

Tyr: the god of war and patron of justice. It is equivalent to the god Ares in Greek mythology.

Njord: the god of the sea, wind and fire. It is part of the Vanir and father of Freyr and Freya. He is kind of the equivalent of the god Susano, Japanese mythology and the Greek god Poseidon.

Freyr: is part of the Vanir and the god of sun, rain and fertility. Carrier Gullinbursti, he is said to be one of the most beautiful gods. Starred in “Matantei Loki Ragnarok” as one of the secondary characters. you could say he is the equivalent of Apollo in Greek mythology.

Freya: Freyr’s sister is the goddess of love and fertility. She is the equivalent Affrodita because she is the most beautiful goddess of all. She also appears in “Matantei Loki Ragnarok”.

Skadi: is a giant and is the goddess of winter and of course, you can go ahead and link her with “Thor” from Marvel since one of the sworn enemies of Asgard is Joutenheim, land of the ice giants.

The Norns: are the three goddesses of fate. They control the future of the gods and men. Their names are Urd, who represents the past; Vernandi, who represents the present; and Skuld, who represents the future. They are the equivalent of the Fates in Greek mythology and you can see them in “Matantei Loki Ragnarok” first as Loki’s enemies and later as frinds.

We note that these are just some of the gods of this vast mythology. It’s possible I add another post with more information about this mythology, since I love it. For now I leave you with images of the stories that I referred to when I wrote this entry.

Imagen“Thor” Marvel Comics


“Matantei Loki Ragnarök” Sakura Kinoshita


“Kamigami no Asobi” Tomoko Konparu

Luna von Schmilinsky



So today I’ll be reviewing a manga. Yes, the manga, not the anime. This is a story drawn by the mangaka group called CLAMP who also drew stories like Card Captor Sakura, XXX Holic, Chobbits and Code Geass. This manga was published for the first time on May of 2003 and it wasn’t until October of 2009 that it was finished. With all the fame that a sequel to Card Captor Sakura implied, it was in April of 2005 that the tv series was released… And here’s why my review is only for the manga, the broadcast of the series ended in November of 2006, almost three years before the manga was finished.

Those of you who have some information on the anime will say, “Oh, but the anime had two OVAs”. Yes, the anime did, in fact, have two OVAs. But the last one was published in May of 2009, five months before the manga was completed. So, as I said, the anime series still need to be finished.

So, as I said before, Tsubasa takes place after CCS, it’s a sequel. The thing is that even though the story is a sequel to CCS it’s happening in a completely different dimension. How, then, do this two stories intertwine? The answer is simple, Clow Reed. Apparently, after sealing Keroberos and Yue inside the Clow book, the most powerful magician of all did not die. Instead, he travelled to a different dimension and met with Yuuko Ichihara, does the name ring a bell? Yes, Yuuko is the witch that owns the store where Watanuki works in XXX Holic.

As you can see, the story is a kind of crossover between several of the stories created by CLAMP. But Clow isn’t the main character of the story. Just like CCS, in Tsubasa, Clow is but the reason why the story actually takes place. By a simple wish of a moment and because of his extraordinary power he accidentally creates the villain of the story.

What’s actually interesting about this story is the difference with all the stories I have ever seen or read. Our two main characters are actually Syaoran and Sakura, but they’re not the same characters as in CCS though the original Sakura does make an appearance towards the end of the story.

Anyway, Sakura loses her memories and in order to get the back, Syaoran travels through the dimensions looking for the feather-like memories with the help of three other companions apart from Sakura; Kurogane, Fye and Mokona.

One of the things I love about it, though I must admit I got sort of angry about it at first, is the surprises. First thing you need to keep in mind, that even though you think your reading thing in a chronological order, you’re not. And that, my dear friends, is AWESOME.

The best way to read this story is to read CCS for a little background information, and after that read Tsubasa and XXXHolic at the same time. Otherwise it’s kind of difficult to understand. Anyway, it’s not really necessary to do it. But if you want to completely understand it, you should.

Another interesting fact is that CLAMP just started publishing a sequel to TSUBASA RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE it’s called Tsubasa World Chronicle: Nirai Kanai-hen. Enjoy it!

I guess I’ll leave it at that. Until next time, I sign out…

P.S.: My favourite characters here, are Mokona and Fye… 😛

Luna von Schmilinsky



Hunter x Hunter is an anime based on the manga of the same name drawn by the mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi. The manga was first published on March 3, 1998 and although until recently the manga was on hiatus, it now has 349 chapters (about 32 volumes. Yes, I read that.). The first animation of this manga began its broadcast on October 16, 1999 and the last was on March 31, 2001, with a total of 62 chapters. Later in 2011 it began transmitting a second anime called Hunter x Hunter 2011, whose transmission will end on 23 September this year.

I must admit that this is one of my favorite series, even though the first chapters are less interesting than a chemistry class. Just like the manga, really. But as the series progresses it becomes increasingly interesting and these early chapters that bring us nothing but frustration are very well rewarded.

The main character is called Gon Freecs, a 12 year old boy who decides to embark on the adventure of becoming hunter in order to find his father Ging Freecs a hunter who is famous for the difficulty to locate him. During the hunter examination Gon meets Leorio, Kurapika and Killua, who accompany him on his adventure.

The interesting thing about this series is that each character has a story behind it and as Gon’s story develops, the story each character develops as well givin every character a past present and future throughout the series. This is one of those series that are very much attached to reality while still in a fantasy world. It has characters that you’ll always wonder if they are friends or enemies to Gon, as they can help at any given time and then fight him in another.

Also each character teaches us something different, as between tears and laughter each one gets increasingly closer to his goal. Gon, proves that perseverance and persistence eventually pays off, so we must be stubborn and not surrender to anything. Killua teaches us that anyone can change if they really want it. Leorio can’t do anything to change his past, but is determined to change his future. Kurapika shows (in a very complex way, since he doesn’t do it himself) that we must be smart and that we shouldn’t look at the past since it’s no use.

Another thing I love about the series is the surprise effect, there are many times when they catch one off guard during the series. In addition, the series is full of jokes that make an appearance at the most unexpected moments.

Truth be told, after watching Hunter x Hunter, reading the manga and then watching Hunter x Hunter 2011 (Yes, I know I’m sick) I can properly say that the difference between the three is not much. The manga and 2011 are virtually identical. Hunter x Hunter is also quite attached to the manga, however has some filler chapters that, instead of being funny and pointless (As in most animes,) are actually quite interesting.

I think the only thing I did not like was that in 2011 they changed the design of some characters and to those who had seen the first series it’s kind of like hitting your mother in mothers day. For example: Supposedly, Menchi has pink hair, not mint…


Explanatory image.

And that doesn’t only happen with her. I don’t care that much when they change the color of clothes, I mean, they’re just clothes. But changing things like hair color, eye color or skin color is annoying. I mean, sure, you could die your hair. But why on earth would a 12 year old BOY use contacts?!


Killua before and after.

However, leaving aside my obsession with keeping things perfect, I like the fact that Gon and Killua look younger in the second series because that gives you more drama to the case. It also lets you notice their growth throughout the series.

In short, it is an anime that I recommend to everyone. Those who know me know this. I’m addicted, I love it. In fact, I had promised myself that I would not continue reading the manga since I liked what I’d seen and considered it a good ending. Then I accidentally learned that the mangaka was drawing again and here I am, reading… This story is just too GOOD.

And for those of my readers who play video games, there is a game of this story. It’s called Hunter x Hunter Woder Adventure and it’s for Play Station Portable PSP. I haven’t had the chance to play it because my computer is super old and doesn’t run the emulator, but I can’t wait to play it. But beware, the game is in Japanese. So I wish you all the best of luck with that.

Until next time, goodbye…

Luna von Schmilinsky



He became a State Alchemist at the age of 12, after making a mistake that almost cost the life of his brother. He embarked on a journey to recover the body of the only close relative he had left. During which, he managed to save his country, Amestris, from total annihilation. He fought beings called homunculi, who were trying to forge a philosopher’s stone out of human lives and also managed to beat one of them in the midst of its transformation to God. Now, at 18; the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, is the only state hero that cannot use the power of alchemy and also the only person in the world that has managed to make a perfect human transmutation.

After a slight inconvenient involving a wounded guard and the word “short”, we sat in the Resenbool train station to talk about the events that have occurred since he was 12.

I cannot believe I’m finally talking to you, I must confess that you are one of my idols. I know all about you.

So why interview me?

Eh… Let’s say it’s my job.

I understand. Well, work is work. So shoot.

We all know (or at least I do) you undertook your trip with your brother following an accident that claimed the body to your brother, and your right arm and left leg. However, no one has clarified to the media what was this accident; would you tell me something about it?

I figured you would ask that… -pause- we tried to do something stupid, and as a result a being that some would call “God” took the life of my brother and my left leg. When I awoke, I realized that Al was nowhere in sight and understood what had happened; so I took a suit of armor and drew an anchor seal with my blood because I was somewhat in a hurry, then gave my arm in equivalence for his soul, and pasted it to the armor.


You have yet to tell me something new.

Law of equivalent exchange, depending on how much I like you, I’ll tell you what happened that day.

Right after Inuyasha almost killed me… Lucky me…

Who is Inuyasha?

It doesn’t matter. It is the second time you mention this “equivalence”, what are you talking about?

Man cannot obtain anything without first giving something in return. To create, something of equal value must be lost. That is the first law of alchemy, “Equivalent Exchange”. That is perhaps the only true rule to this world. Absolutely everything has a price, even mistakes. So humans can’t play god. It is like worshiping the sun: if you get too close, it’ll only burn you.


I guess you speak about mistakes because of your case, am I right?

Right, indeed. As I said, ours was a mistake that was charged non the less.

What about your brother? I know he’s got his body back, but has not yet fully recovered. Will he recover?

We have overcome many problems. I promised Al I would recover his body, and I did. All our suffering was my fault to begin with, he was not sure it was a good idea and I convinced him. I got him into it, so I had to get him out. Many things have happened, so I’m sure he will recover. He’s strong and though his legs still do not work quite right, he does have them. So he will find a way to get up and walk, it’s what we’ve always done.

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I am glad to hear he’s recovering. Speaking about what you’ve managed, who did you bring from the dead?


Your brother?

Yes. It was he who gave me back my arm, and did it in exchange for his life. So I had to give him what I had promised, I had to return his body, his life.

How did this happen? What led you to make this mistake?

Good question, -laughs wryly- Hohenheim. I can’t blame him for our mistakes, but I can and will blame him for not being there.

Hohenheim? Your father?

I see you are very well informed, but I do not consider that bastard my father. He left us and when mom fell ill we tried to contact him in all the ways that we could think of, but even after she died he did not show up. Then he died, just like that. Without giving me the opportunity to punch him again.


Then; your father is gone, your mother died, and you are alone. No one to stop you, from making a decision that robs your brother from his body and you from your limb. So you become a State Alchemist, under the tutelage of Roy Mustang…

This man does nothing but annoy, even today. He appears occasionally with Risa to make my life miserable because I’m not being able to use alchemy. -he sounds knuckles- Maybe I should kick his ass for him to understand that alchemy is not everything. -he smiles perversely.

Eh… Hum… -I walk away slightly and smile nervously- Better change the subject, why can you no longer use alchemy?

That was the price to bring Al back, -smiles proudly- it’s the price of human transmutation.

How Can alchemy be a price?

There are two factors, to begin with an alchemist can only revive another alchemist. This is because each alchemist has a door connecting him to a void of infinite light where that so called God is, and that door is what allows us to use the science of alchemy. As the price is the door that allows you to use it, you can not get out from the door you entered. So you need to get out through door belonging to the alchemist you are resurrecting, with him, or you will not be able to come back.


I see, and that’s how you found a solution to the taboo.

It’s not that hard. Once you think about it, you notice this is a matter of pride. Humans are very proud, we think that just because we’re able to use alchemy, we’re a god’s level. But we are not gods. We are scientists, just that. To challenge death, we must be able to swallow our pride and lower ourselves to a harder life, and that is the only way to get our loved ones back.

However, you are not only recognized for being the first and only one who has managed to make a perfect human transmutation. You are also a national hero.

Don’t call me that way, I’m not any hero. Everything I did, I did for my own reasons. The person I loved refused to leave Amestris, so I needed to save the country in order to save her. That’s all there is to it.

But you saved it anyway. What was happening? How did you do it?

There are, or were, strange beings called homunculi. I do not know where they came from, nor am I interested. But they were extremely strong and wanted to forge a Philosopher’s Stone. When Alphonse and I started our trip, the plan was to forge one in order to restore our bodies without respecting the equivalent exchange. In our search, we discovered that to create a Philosopher’s Stone lives were needed in large quantities, so we gave up. But they had other plans. I ended up fighting against something that was more like a god… Anyway, I saved Amestris. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

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No big deal… Well, that’s your opinion. Will you tell me what your mistake was?

Equivalence. I’ll tell you what you want to know.


Yes. Now, the truth is that I’m not proud of this. Only Mustang knows, and that bastard’s blackmailed me to death. I’ve had enough, I’d rather you posted it. Anyway, I convinced Al to resurrect mom. The transmutation failed, and I almost lost him… Which reminds me! I need to go home and help Winry and Al with dinner.

Winry’s your girlfriend?

Yeah … Anyway, -he gets up and stretches- I hope the interview helped you.


Yes, of course, don’t worry. Thank you very much.

It’s been a pleasure.

Luna von Schmilinsky

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Immortalized as a little six year old girl, Mafalda, the masterpiece created by Quino is now 50 years old. So this is a very special day for journalists, since she was created as an opinion cartoon. So I hope today you learn a little more about the opinion cartoon that was so loved, it had a TV show.

Yes, you read thing right. Mafalda was originally a cartoon meant to be in the opinion section of the argentine publications Primera Plana, El Mundo and Siete Días Ilustrados. The first time the cartoon was published, was in 1964. But 9 years later, in 1973, Quino realized he wouldn’t be able to keep up the cartoon without repeating himself and stopped drawing.

Mafalda was a very intelligent young girl who tended to ask things that were way too complicated for her age. That’s why her father had problems to answer her questions, and, in more than one occasion argued with her about it or even made fun of her without Mafalda knowing. Another cause of arguments between Mafalda and her father is the lack of a TV in their house, which causes some minor problems at school also.


Her relationship with her mother went a lot more smoothly, but there was always an uncommon argument here and there. Soup, for example, was a very sore spot between Mafalda and her mother, who seemed to prepare soup for lunch pretty much every day. Quino obviously had fun with the idea, and there was even one time when Mafalda decided that maybe, if Fidel Castro (former president of Cuba) said that soup tasted good the rest of the countries would think it was bad for health or something and would probably forbid it.

Something that makes Mafalda special as a cartoon is the characters. Each character has its own personality, which is very important for every story in the world. But it is a lot more valuable because we’re speaking of a newspaper cartoon. Mafalda is a very curious girl, thirsty to know about everything that surrounds her. Her mother, is obsessed with cleaning and obviously loves soup. Her father works most of the time, but he loves plants and has a declared war against ants.

I think one of the most impressive things of this cartoon is that, even now, 50 years after it was first published it’s not only funny, but you can also relate it to the things we’re living now worldwide. In fact, I’d say that the world hadn’t needed her more than it needs her now. So I can’t help but feel sad that Quino didn’t keep on drawing what would possibly be my favorite cartoon on earth.


Have a good night guys!

Luna von Schmilinsky



Taken on the shores of Lake Garda by Luna von Schmilinsky

When I went to Europe with my grandparents, the tour took us to Lake Garda. At the edge that faces the border with Austria, was a huge white house and on the corner was this little beauty. Though it was inbetween buildings, if I got close enough with my cammera it seemed to be in the middle of a forest. It took some time to get the shot, but finally I managed it and this is the result. It kind of looks like one of those tiny houses in Disney movies… Like the one in ‘The Sleeping Beauty’.