I’m not Spanish, I’ve never gone to Spain. But at home we spend our lives watching Antena3, La Tele and Euronews all day, every day (Yes, I speak spanish). Therefore, know what I mean when I say that there are some programs that are speaking about the Spanish nurse infected with Ebola, Teresa, I a way that I find incorrect and alarmist. Do not misunderstand me, I don’t think they should stop reporting. But I do feel that there are things that needn’t not be informed.

Again, I ask for your full understanding. I don’t think they should stop reporting, but things like if they’re going or not to sacrifice a dog doesn’t seem all that important to me. What was important was whether it may or may not be infected with the disease. I do not deem it necessary to keep the animal alive and risk the person or people who have to take care of the animal (and I say this with all due respect to animal right defenders, because I also think it’s necessary to protect animals from humans. But humans are also important on the planet.).

However, we know little about Ebola and I think that before taking a step to investigate if dogs can get infected or not isn’t the priority when we have a bunch of people in Africa dying while they wait for us to find a cure. After that, if we discover that animals can’t be infected, we could investigate the reason why they cant in order to improve the cure and/or vaccine that’s been already created. Meanwhile, we can not risk a human life for the sake of a dog, sorry.

Another thing that bothers me about the situation is that they’ve been asking the minister to resign.

Let’s see, we need to understand that she wasn’t who gave the course for people to learn how to wear the outfit. She wasn’t there telling Teresa to take the suit off in the wrong order. Those are things that just happen. It’s not the minister’s fault and it certainly is not Teresa’s fault. It’s called human error. It’s like when a child is learning to wipe after using the restroom, at first he will always do it wrong (believe me, I can tell).

The problem here starts when  Teresa and her companions don’t get quarantined after caring for a patient with Ebola. And then it gets worse when she gets to the hospital, presents the case and gets ignored (because that’s what they did, they ignored her)…

Why not put these people in quarantine?

I wish I knew.

Why did they chose to ignore Teresa?

I wish I knew.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t have repatriated a patient with Ebola. And having done so, I would have been much more careful. However, neither the lack of quarantine, or putting the dog to sleep let alone that they ignored Teresa plead to be tested for Ebola is the minister’s fault. Or well, I fail to see how a minister could have the power to take any of these decisions. The hospital, that’s a completely different story. This is their fault.

I do not see why anyone would come to blame Teresa for what’s happening. Think a little, do you really believe that someone (anyone) wants to get infected with Ebola? See, nobody, not even people who are sick to the head, would want to suffer such a death. It’s like deciding to die inside an iron maiden. Illogical.

Finally, I think the news should talk about it only when there is something to tell. Because listening to the same thing every day, does not only stress me, but many. They should talk every two or three days, no more.

This is my opinion. And again, it is just my opinion. If you disagree or want to add something, I invite you to use the comment box. On the other hand, if you like what I write and want to contribute something, like The Moonmedia on Facebook and follow me on twitter to know more about my life.

Luna von Schmilinsky

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