Hey guys!

I’ll be publishing My imaginary interviews here. You should keep i mind that, unless I say otherwise ALL images used on my site are taken from google. I obviously like imagination, and I suppose that if you are here, you probably do too. If you have any ideas, you can leave me a commet with who would you like me to interview next. I also want to take this chance to ask for your patience since theese interviews take a while to write because I need to get the characters right. Also, I want to make a disclaimer here. I DO NOT own any of the characters I interview, although I wish I did. I am also NOT recieving any kind of payment for this. So if any of the animation companies comes across this site (wich is highly unlikely) please take this as a form of free publicity and nothing else.

That said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and invite any newcommers to like my posts and follow me. And please don’t be shy… comment. That wont only make me glad but it’ll give me inspiration.




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