A few days ago I was cheking my twitter and saw a tweet that was… How should I describe it? Ah yes!

Stupid. (Yes, I just used the word stupid on the internet. Sue me.)

Turns out some idiot retweeted the comment and photo posted by… someone. The comment said “I’m moving to France” and if it had just been the comment, no one would criticize… But it turns out that the photo has three mr. steroids with the words Made in France written on her naked chests.

Following this tweet, an idea crossed my head, and I couldn’t help but laugh. When I was little, all my toys said Made in China, and it was not just my toys; the ventilator, phone, TV, computer monitor, TV controler, music player, my game consoles and their games … ALL that said Made in China.

I never said I wanted to go and live in China, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan or whatever my dolls said on thier ass (Although I’m pretty sure it was China…). The anime series are made in Japan and I don’t want to move to Japan. The actor who plays Thor, Chris Hemsworth, one of the most beautiful beings in the world, is Made in Australia and I can assure you that I will not move to Australia.

Ever. (For the curious, I don’t want to live in Australia because my skin is almost albino white and it gets practically insolated with the sunrise… Imagine if, with this color, I had the wonderful idea of ​​going to the beach… I’d get swallowed by a shark… beautiful end, right? “What happened to Luna?” “A shark swallowed her whole.”)

Leaving aside my aversion to the idea of becoming lunch for a white shark ten meters long (Who asid I was exaggerating?)… Just three guys in a photo, with the words Made in France in their chest are no reason to take such a decision. Think of an iPhone, for example. iPhones are Americans, but made in China …

My point is, who can actually assure me that these guys really are French? No one. For all we know this could be a plot, they could be plastic and have a nice mark on their butts that says Made in China.

Good night.

Luna von Schmilinsky

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